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Friday, December 30, 2005

Dance to my burning flames

Beside you, here I stand tall today
Take a good look into my eyes
Deepen your thoughts in them
Those might be the last you have

Feel that venom running freely in your body
Breaking down your every postured wall

You are now a victim of your own guilt
Filled with disgust and filth for many failing attempts

This calm voice of mine, comes cold and cruel to you
Those flames in my eyes you see
Will haunt you for time that fails to end

Fear me,
Break down at the very sight of me,
For I will haunt your every memory,
I’ll be in your breath, and under your skin
I wont seek my vengeance,
I’ll leave it for you to begin

Your last failed attempt will surly be my guarantee…

Burn with fear… let it burn with desire
Feel this heat ... taste my flaming fire

Leave those flames burn your flesh
Take you down to your last filthy breath
No more will I be a game for you to play
I wont sit down for your display

I’ve waited long enough for you to come this far

Now my debts are Due
I will watch you die slow
Surly I’ll enjoy this disturbing sight for you

Don’t beg for mercy this last minute
I can’t forgive you just now
Let me see this revenge come thru
Let me rest knowing you wont hurt no more

How blind was I to open my heart
How stupid must I been to let you in
I wont know how to make it up to my self
This is the only way…

let me kill you
From my memories
From my diaries
From all my coming days

Let me rest in peace!


Monday, December 19, 2005

A dedication for Lady Devilish (she6ana)

I don’t know how to start really, thou I wanted so much to do something new, something I haven’t done in a while, I thought I’d surprise you dear reader, but time is running, and I don’t want you to give up on me. But I do promise you the next time you logon, something exciting will be waiting for your eyes to amuse! <- liked that part!!

Anyways, I’ve been busy here and there for a thousand reasons, I have an exam that will be taking place within the hour, but never mind, you are worth it if you really do come to enjoy your self at my blog!

Okay so lets take it back a few weeks before…

The wish story was becoming a huge burden on my shoulders and did not know how to get it off my shoulders, I got worried I’d bore you from reading it, so I had to end it, and end it fast.. but the problem was that every time I got to the ending part I got another dramatic picture in my head, and it was way over due, I had not the time nor the spirit at the moment to get it over with. So I guess the last part wasn’t as much as I wanted it to be. After that in a while, I was free do what ever I pleased! <- God I hope noura doesn’t read this!

A week later I was in doubt of almost everything that is around me, I re thought my life from scratch and wanted so much just to escape.. Escape what? Still I haven’t figured that part out yet. But that contention got me worried if I were sane still!!

As far as my bloging breakthroughs go, I thought I’d do a poem, but still haven’t started with the first line! <-God I feel like I got too much to give and no time to do it all!

I had an exam last night and it was not all that bad I guess, I did expect worse to tell the truth, but hey grades arnt posted yet, so I guess I’ll just hold that thought for a while! But here comes the ultimate excitement of the week! C’mon guess! No no really Guess! Oh C’mon…. okay okay I’ll tell you,, OH JUST GUESS! Fine! I’ll tell you. As I were not late for a lecture at one PM, I thought why park the car way over the football field, why not those sweet carpools they give the faculty and staff! It was peaceful there, plus my car got jealous and needed a treat! so I did, having in mind the university security comes only before noon and locks down cars! so a parked at 1245pm. Went to class enjoyed my boring lecture, and met with my project group for twenty minutes! After all that was done, I went singing with pleasant thoughts! GOOD now my car is not ridiculously stuffy from the inside. Well to my surprise, it was locked down with an orange thing humping its rear tier! <- you seriously missed this expression I had on my face!

Anyways shocked and devastated I was, I asked my car who did this to you?!! Who?!! Just tell me god-damned whom?! She said nothing back to me, though I could see a sad look in her headlights, her light bulbs went as shiny as always, she was sad. I figured it was one of those hateful doctors’ cars who rattled her out. Anyways, a log story short, I somehow forgot my keys on the door, just inserted and unlocked! I called on a friend to pick me up, well he laughed at my situation hard, man he did laugh so hard I felt like I wanted to punch him in the face, but I cooled down myself. What else was I supposed to do, he had a moving car!

Shit its time for the exam, they lock down cars 24 hours, I spent all last night looking everywhere for the car keys, couldn’t sleep at night, and found them today with a car washer dude! Yallah wish me luck! Byes!