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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Built with strength and pride, twenty seven years invested in stretching the achievement of the impossible. Such an immaculate triumph for the world to stand still at its feet. Behold! It stands arrogant no matter how much battery thrown to its walls. It stands still. People bawl and brag of what they've got made; yet that have no clue of what's boiling inside. Its broken, weak, years of decay had consumed its true glory. Silly custodians, have they no clue what makes this monarch so special? This hollowness, this defeat where it stands aloof should be the shame of their pride. It no longer exists to conceit; it waved that pride a long time ago. Blasphemy!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still I..

I still search for your face between the crowds. I imagine your scent brushing against my face every time I miss a face that passes me. I miss you more by the coffee vapor dancing under the morning sunrays bashing through my windows. I've missed everything you've given me and those that you still have not given .. I have them here close to me. I can not say that I've forgotten how to be loved. I long for it more everyday. I haven’t seen enough of you yet. Where could you be now? Do you still live there or have you moved out of the country. I pass your house whenever I am lost driving on the streets and have no place to go. Sometimes I cheer myself with a McDonald's meal as my eyes stare at your window. I still haven’t forgotten. No I haven’t.

This euphoria I feel when I think of how much time had passed and how much now I have to say; it becomes real when I can almost imagine myself speak to you.

Are you real?