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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Be careful what you wish for... (3)

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There were five homes grouped up together. She just looked around and sighed, she thanked god for every little thing he gave her. The gardeners were doing their job, and the drivers were washing the cars, it seemed like everyone was doing his part of chores in this family mansion. She was lying around the pool with her feet dipped in the water, when her phone rang; it seemed like a long waited phone call. She told her brother to take back his dish to the kitchen and then walked towards that wooden pool house; she walked leisurely as she answered her phone.

I followed her as she walked and talked, it was just a few meters away and it seemed like she'll never get there with that slow pace of hers. I sat next to that door waiting for her to get there, just watching her barefoot steps on the grass, her smile and embarrassed laughs, how the wind played with her hair and how those gentle sun rays danced off her body that almost seemed as if it were glowing with light. I was happy just to be there and watch her feeling joy. I could see love flourishing through her eyes, it was clear even for children to realize that she was in love with whom ever she was talking to.

I felt a mixed feeling of joy and sorrow combined, I was happy to see that finally love found its way back into her blooming heart, but I couldn’t avoid that feeling of pain knowing it wasn’t me that made her love again. I just smiled back at her as I watched her talk to this lucky person that made her smile again, and recovered her from those terrible wounds when someone leaves you.

But wait, what if it isn’t a boy she's talking to? What if it were her mother on the phone, what if it were a friend calling from a far away country, missing a friend and loving someone are only a hair apart. I was curious and determent to know whom was she talking to. I went close enough to eves drop on her talk, I heard that voice she talked to, yes as I thought it would be, it was a man's voice on that other end of her phone, and it sounded so familiar. I was crushed and devastated, the pain I once felt for losing her was far too much for me to handle now, and I just can't take this any longer.

I sat in a corner where I can't hear what they talk but could see her every move, I loved her so much that I felt like I could take down any one or thing that came into my way, my body was flowing with dangerous black vicious energy. I just watched her as the sun went down, talking for hours with this guy. I thought to my self, she seems happy and that’s all what mattered to me, I kept reminding my self those words.

She finally hung up and went out of that wooden room; she seemed happy and just jumped with both her hands upwards and shouted excitement. I sat, watched and smiled back at her, she was happy, alive and filled with joy. I followed her as she went back into her house; she took a bottle of water and drank to its last drop, then gave out that sound when your thirst is gone. I laughed and really felt like hugging her and kissing her all over, I wanted so much to talk with her about anything, it really didn’t matter as long as she spoke back to me.

She went around the house looking for her brother, shouting his name all over the place; it was time to visit grandfather she shouted. Her house was empty except for the maid that told her he already left to his grandfather’s house; “he looked all over for you and eventually went on his own.” The maid told her.

Noura went upstairs and changed her up cuffed jeans into a more relaxing fabric. She wore a long cotton skirt with colors of brown and fire, she put on a white shirt and a red scarf around her neck then went off to see her grandfather that lived right next door. her grandfathr's house was filled with all her family; it was the biggest house on their yard. She said her hello’s and kissed a few aunts, when her uncle yelled at her wanting to know where she was all this time, and how it's been hours spent searching for her and she was no where to be found. Speechless she was, when she just smiled back at him and said sorry! Her aunt interrupted them just in time to save Noura the embarrassment infront of the whole family, "go on Noura, your grandfather is expecting you in his room" she smiled back at her aunt as a sign of relive and thanks, then went to that room where her grandfather was. She just sat with him for hours talking and laughing about all sorts of things. He loved being with Noura just as much as she loved being with him. I sat with them and enjoyed that unique friendship they both shared each other. After a second of both being quiet, her grandfather asked if she wanted to marry her cousin, I got shocked more then she did. Noura blushed into red and made sure he understood she wasn’t ready yet, “not until I finish my studies, it's still too early for such talk” she replied.

It was time for dinner now, and everyone was calling for Noura. Her little brother stepped into the room, when the grandfather shouted "and here's my favorite grandson, where have you been you little trouble maker" it was true, Noura and her brother were his favorite grandkids. As they were going to the dining table Noura's phone started to ring, and ring rapidly; it was like something was wrong. She answered and then ran out of the house just asking what went wrong. No one noticed that noura was in panic except for her aunt that felt something wasn’t right. Everyone gathered on the table for dinner even the grandfather on his wheelchair, everything seemed normal except that the grandfather noticing the aunts concern to what's out that window behind him.


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