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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Magic Within

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and indeed it is this humble organ that perceives everything that is resplendent in the world. But in strictly scientific terms what we experience is nothing more than the constant bombardment of countless stimuli pulsing with information that needs to be decoded. So, cocooned within a world of darkness, how does the mind translate this flood of sensation? How does the eye transform light into neural messages? And how from this living neurochemistry do we create conscious experiences? These challenges the mind faces when replacing the loss of information in the transition from the world outside to the world within.

Ever thought of the magic in ones eye? The unheard words they speak? The body is like a device we use to move from one place to another, its more like car we use to get to places, we wash it take care of it, get heair cuts, nails..etc in the end its what we use to communicate with. But what really is us, is defined with what's in our eyes. its amazing how beauty is understood from ones eye, no matter how much you try and hide your emotions your eyes will always deceive you and tell what's hidden underneath that face.. Without even saying a single word, Just a look is enough to give away your feelings your emotions and sometimes even your words.

No matter how beautiful you are or how ugly one can get, the real you is how you move your eyes at people, a shy look, a decived look, an adorble look, you know the rest.. and how you direct that look of yours also really counts. When you say sorry, look into the eyes of that person... ever heard that phrase before? its what shows how sincere you really are, how dedicated and how strong your position stands. i think!

i have no idea what i wanted to say, i'm just killing time waiting for a call and now i have to leave.

thanx for reading!

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Massacre

Well okay, now I know you've been waiting for this quite a while now.. For those who read, know that I'm agonizing from a diet stumbled across a few weeks ago.. cabbage Soup, yup you heard it, cabbage soup!

Well in its program, you have to eat one whole boiled chicken on the fifth day... and actually I'm surprised I made it that far.

Okay here's the story...

On a beautiful Wednesday morning I finished classes, and went off to a nearby supermarket, well I thought what better then going to a hypermarket that had just opened next to our university, since it was still day time, I thought well here's my chance to go in. cause when the sun goes down, only families or couples are allowed "geez sounds like a club or something" well it’s the truth. Anyways, I went in and Gèant was really gigantic. I always lose sense of direction when I'm at a huge place, it's just frustrating. I went up and down the isles, got lost a thousand times. And in the end I bought a whole bunch of stuff that I really didn't need. As an excuse to ease my frustration I think.

Anyways it was me and the chicken back at my room. I had no one to cook for me so I was on my own. Well it’s a frozen one so I had to defrost it first, right? The thing was that I didn’t know how or where. So I got my self one of those big water containers and cut the top off and filled it with tap water. Left it for 15 minutes and came to give it a de-skinning job. So I opened the wings a part with one hand and with a sharp knife in my other hand striving to make a cut in its body. It was disgusting I tell you.

After struggling for over 10 minutes I found out that it hadn’t completely thawed out. The legs wouldn't come apart; it was like she was shy or something! It was kinda funny since it's already dead! But how could I when my arms were stretched to the maximum from the smell and I looked at the thing with half an eye with my face turned the other way so I wouldn’t torture my other eye with what's going on. Oh and the smell was horrible! So after finding out that the poor sucker wasn’t completely defrost. I put in some boiled water and waited another fifteen minutes.

I just looked at the semi transparent container and it was Bloody bloddy!!!! I waited and waited. Honestly I lost my appetite from the scene and smell. When everything was done, and the chickens' legs widely spread out, I put my knife back into action again and started cutting. When I reached the pealing of the skin to the wings part, I didn’t know what to do,, so I just broke them. It was a massacre filled with disgust, repulsion and everything else.

I didn’t know how long to keep it in the boiling pot, but Sara said till its tender, so opened the boiler every five minutes to check, and pinched it with a fork. The smell was seriously obnoxious. I sometimes made believe that there were still two more minutes to my next five minutes, when actually it started one minute ago. -- what only me?!!

When it was done, I had no intentions of eating it, we knew one another far more then we had to. I left it in a plate and went out of the room waiting for it to cool down a bit. It was the size of a baby in my arms and I felt like a murderer for doing that. My god I don’t know how you women take it everyday to prepare lunch for us. thank you so very much.

After what had happened couldn’t thank god enough for creating me as a man. And now every time I want to eat chicken that image and smell just hits me back. Seriously I don’t know how will I go on with my life, I guess I'll change the fifth day to fourth day. So I'll just eat fruit for the rest of the diet!

Till this day, I nightmare about the chicken smell stuck in my hands!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Comming Soon!!!!

The Chicken and I ........ Starring a Chicken and Me :D

Brand new Blogger Specially dedicated for Saudi Arabia....

and much more.......

Monday, August 01, 2005

All for Allah, and back to Allah...... Rest In Peace..... Our Father

  • Saudi Arabian Historical Background

  • RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi state television interrupted regular broadcasting with recitations of the Koran and one Western diplomat said he had information that King Fahd had died in hospital on Monday.

    "Sources at King Faisal Specialist Hospital have informed us that he (King Fahd) is dead," the diplomat said. He did not give further details.

    A Saudi official source told Reuters that a member of the royal family had died on Monday.
    "Most probably it is the king, everybody is waiting for the official announcement. We are all in a state of alert," he said.

    Fahd, who was believed to be 83 and had been in poor health, entered hospital on May 27 with acute pneumonia. Saudi Arabia is the world's biggest oil exporter and is a close ally of the United States.

    Fahd's half-brother Crown Prince Abdullah, who has been running the kingdom's day-to-day affairs since Fahd suffered a stroke in 1995, will automatically become king. Defense Minister Prince Sultan will be the new crown prince.

    In the past two years, the kingdom has faced a violent al Qaeda campaign to end seven decades of the royal family's rule in Saudi Arabia, home to two of Islam's holiest shrines.