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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Shed a tear for me..

Please don’t read this with haste,
or the whole point might fade into waste..
I will need your full attention
for your heart to feel this affection..
And I implore you to try not to rush,
I truly want you to feel this crush..

This I’m about to let you read today might not be a true happening, and yet perhaps it just is…

Like any girl, she fell for her dearly beloved father in a very young age. She had her mother’s color of water eyes, a skin that lights up the snow with white. Ever since she first opened her eyes to life, she filled her home with love and elastic passion. Just like her two years older brother that blazed with dazzling smiles and flamed with incredible love energy all around the house.

When she had turned nine of age, her mother passed away and left her husband with a whole lot of sadness and grief that later on took his last breaths away. Now the children were forced to live with their grandparents that lived in a near by city.

A few things they never forgot their loving mother had left them with. Those were the ability to endure hardships of life and wisdom that simply can not fade with time.
The little girl had magnificent love for her brother, and he in return cherished her even more then she did. The children were signed up in a school that was suited a mere block or two from their grandparents house. They both were young bright that everyone loved dearly. They helped their grandmother with chores around the house, and read out phone numbers for their grandfather to call. They pat their neighbor’s dog, and sometimes rang the bell to offer some of grandma’s fabulous dishes. The neighbors fell madly in love with those children instantly. Everyone saw them as the perfect children anyone could wish for. They had a very special and deep place in everyone’s heart right away, the neighbors, the teachers, the parents from school, even the grandparents felt that deep and unique place in their hearts for the children.

At school, the girl made magic come alive at art class, she had the spotlight in all school plays ever since she joined the school, and also was the chess champion for two years in a row. Her brother on the other hand was the school’s lead player in the soccer team; he also was first ranked in all his classes. After the school day was over they always waited for one another at the gates. And usually she finished before her brother. Until one day fate interfered with their lives.

The brother finished his day at school and like everyday went to fetch his sister at the bench where she usually waited for him. She wasn’t there as he came closer. He thought that maybe she had some schoolwork left for her to finish. Minutes passed like hours, he asked the girl’s gate-keeper if he could call out her name with the microphone a number of times, but no one came out to answer. He panicked but still, he waited again. Until a teacher came out, and had asked her if she knew his sister. Fortunately she did. He somewhat was relieved and thanked god, then asked her to go back in to search for his sister if it were no bother for her. She told him that she was her teacher at the ending class of the day and everyone had left twenty minutes ago. He gasped and again with a worried voice he insisted that she go back and look inside.
The school was searched for hours, he called his grandparents house just to find that she still hadn’t come back from school. The authorities were notified instantly of a possible kidnapping of this young girl. Apprehension spread all over the neighborhood. Hours passed by her brother like years. He searched every street, went through every ally, called every friends house, but she was no where to be found. He constantly kept checking with his inconsolable grandma whom waited anxiously at home by the phone for any news. Still no luck finding the little girl.

A day had passed by now, and none could get a shuteye because of this extreme upset. Saddened with grief and pain of losing one of their siblings, the grandparents were wrapped up with hopelessness. The whole school rose up and down in shock of this horrific matter! Three days had passed by now and her brother couldn’t give it a rest when everyone else slowly started to shift back into the normal everyday mood. He just couldn’t stand watching people laugh or even start to smile with each other. He’d decided to leave a note at his bed that said he went in search for his sister. He left at the middle of the night and continued this never ending search in the streets of the huge city. The grandparents reported him missing a number of times, the police caught him and brought him back home everyday. And every time they’d bring him back, his grandmother would tell him how crushed and devastated they all were. And how nothing was left them to do but pray. He refused believe her words, he refused to eat, study nor even sleep. He was too torn by the fact that his sister could still be living in torture this very minute. He never accepted that she could have been dead by that time. She lived within his heart and soul; she was all what was left from his parents. Days and nights went by, yet he still believed.

The girl was kidnapped by the girl’s school janitor. She took her to a house downtown where three middle aged women lived. The kidnapers did many harmful things to the poor little girl. Those women abused her mentally more then physically. Her virginity was sold to the highest bidder. What sexual pain can a 13 year old girl handle? Filthy men from different ages came to her in many different ways. Each came with an even more disgusting sexual fantasy to make come true. She was taught to endure the pain and was threatened if she left with endless torture. She did try more then once to run for her life and dignity. She once rode a taxi and told him to drive her to her old neighborhood with fright. But what she didn’t realize at the time is that the taxi driver knew where she came running from. He drove her to an empty ally, sexually took what he desired and then drove her back to that old house she fled from. She tried to run, she tried to shout, and she fought furiously trying to escape the driver’s painful grip. Without hope of anyone helping her, she was in what people called a porn ally. No one would help, no one would care.
The old hags took her back and threw her in a dark room with a filthy reek of dead rats and roaches. The eldest came and told her,
“We’ll teach you what torture you brought to your self”
They ripped her clothes off and hung her from her hands to the ceiling with her hair tied to the wall. They dipped her feet with honey and waited for the rates to feast. She shouted and screamed but no one came to her rescue. A few minutes, another hag came bashing through the doors and kicked the mice away from the girl, and untied her arms, then brought her wrinkled skin closer to her young body. With filthy breath she whispered into her ear;
“Its not that I like you, but the customers wont like ruined merchandise”
She took her to out that room, and threw her viciously onto a dirty bed. Opening a drawer she took a needle, heated the mixture and let this venom run freely through her body.
“Remember this; no one will take care of you like we will. All we ask for you is to enjoy the process. Now is that too much to ask?” the girl spat with hatred.

she slapped her back and told her ”know this, no matter how many times you try to run, this needle will be your food. Be sure you won’t survive without it”. She then gave out a devilish chuckle as she left the room for the poor young girl to get drugged.

By now years had passed, and every time that venom was running low, she’d feel this urging need to kill for it

Later at night the old geezers had a well paying customer for her. The taxi drove the girl to the place. She went in, he was twenty five of age, this young man greeted her with a kiss and a hug. She threw off her clothes and told him to finish his business and get it over with. With shock clearly spread all over his face he replied, how dare you speak this to me, have you no idea how worthless you are? But then how could a face this beautiful do such woeful sins? You have a face of an angle, and hands of a mermaid, and this heavenly body of yours just can’t be treated with this sort of disgust. Your kind of people disgust me to even be alive, you look so innocent and down beneath are just craving for lust. How could god let you live amongst us. She swallowed the emotion down her throat and met his angered blue eyes. "I wasn’t born this way, but I believe god wants to teach me something from all this" she told him. Glancing at the watch in his hand, she fought to control the tremble in her voice” please, get it over with” he shook his head and she saw the emotion in his eyes as he told her to put her clothes back on. On her face was the brightest smile he had ever seen. He would swear a soft halo encircled her blonde hair as she walked towards him, her eyes holding line, and tears began misting in her eyes as she came closer. She leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead, then smiled again. She wanted to tell him what he'd done, but still unable to speak, No one has ever treated her with love nor respect for fifteen very-long years.

Monday, April 03, 2006

cars may crash!

dearly beloved,
we are all gathered here today to witness this arising of the fallen, okay lest cut the crap.
I quit the blogger business and was going for good, I really don’t know what the reasons were -honest. But this I know, I was seriously pissed of everything. You know that feeling when everything seems not good enough, when you cant even measure your temper on any gage? –or something like that.

Anyways, remember yasser from the friends post, well, it seemed he enjoyed reading my crappy life, and hadn’t liked that I stopped. In fact, he told me how shocked he was when he read the suspension adds on this blog. -as i've been told.
Well like everyone would do, friends always lie to each other for the sake of this illusion "to make them feel better". And that’s what I believed up to this last weekend. So there I was, out with a buncha people sipping some coffee and exchanging war stories. When Moe-the-kid, had also told me the same about my brainless thoughts. It was just too good to be true.
People, I was in love again.

So tell me something fellow readers, should I believe those I meet in person and what they have to say about my crappy life, or those whom just went away like a summer breeze? –I kinda think those people in person, did what they did for only not wanting me to bash their heads open!

Well people, we're back in business!