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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Desert cruising..... Patriotic?

It's been over 100 years by now; couldn't we find anything better then chasing women in malls? Every society found its self a sport, or a hobby lets call it. Even India imported cricket from England.
Okay so let's see who is still behind us...
Rugby in England goes back long into the 19th century and even earlier, America improved it to Football, China created soccer over 3000 years ago, tennis started in the 11th century played in Italy and France, Japan started martial arts Ninja, Aikido, and Ninjutsu, kung fo and those stuff, golf is traced from its origins in Scotland, almost all costal cities or countries have water sports like surfing waves, or sailing or what ever it is. How come Saudi has none of those, even the football they play is crappy. No offence but I'm no football fan. We have beautiful coasts if we just look and see, here in the eastern province the remote resort "Holliday inn" looks just like a dump from the inside. Why cant they clean it up, forget about the image it represents, just improve it so this Saudi money stays within. they say inner turism, I say where.
Why isn't there anything to encourage our youth and do something with their lives instead of wasting their money and their parents on drugs or some useless fancy ass toys they just show off with?! I just never could understand the lack of creativity.
Do something and organize some travel teams in the deserts of our enormously wide and incredibly beautiful Sahara deserts, they are just waiting to be explored. Back home in Riyadh its just begging us to do some activities instead of just fooling around up and down the sands. Do some swimming competitions on costal areas, offer some snorkeling lessons. Organize sports events, and not just advertise go down south of Saudi, when true the view is spectacular but it's more expensive than Europe! What concept are we living with? Of course the rich and famous will just runaway and escape to that house they built 15 years ago somewhere on a different continent, escape away from the burning heat. So who do you have left? The average classed people and the less fortunate. How do you expect them to enjoy their stay when all motels are for truck drives, and those decent ones expect to pay a sum of 3000 Saudi riyals in one weeks' stay? Just add a couple of more thousands and enjoy Europe!
What I'm trying to explain here is why are we always the last in joining the world? Okay the world Trading Origination (WTO) has some rules that conflict with our religion, I agree with the delay until thorough thinking is done. But everything else, why?! The mobile phones, the internet...etc. its going to happen sooner or later so why delay it. It will only reflect a bad image about Islam when we don't accept "affordable" new technology like everyone else in our globe does. Even more this will create a huge gap in our youth's minds; we will always be 10 years behind everyone. Petroleum is not going to last us forever. Save our youth, save our children from being called the unintelligent, they are the future. All this leads to frustration and need to express them selves when no one listens it just leads them to drugs and the so called terrorism.
I'm a religious person and believe in fellowship, but when organizing an event please and please again, not all "popes" of Islam are the best in everything, most don’t appreciate technology and just bore till death with their "IN THE BOX" creativeness, choose someone that can reach to a wider audience, people can communicate with, someone that can inspire, someone with enough religion to lead in prayer.

Don’t spoil what's left of the Islamic image.

For those who think I'm a rebel or a revolutionist. I am neither one. I was talking about spending spare time. Adding to your knowledge, a law that enforces at least a 50% Saudi employees has been enforced on all private sectors, which gives the opportunity for most of the Saudis to explore themselves on the field. And I am totally with "Saudization". It gives hope and saves allot from destroying themselves and their families.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

And you thought your day started with anxiety?

Your Wednesday Horoscope Gemini!
There will be some emotional consolation today. A person who once dominated your thoughts and especially your emotions will reappear but with no measurable effect on you. This is a triumph of your heart. The next few days emphasize similar independence

I normally don't believe in horoscopes. its just rubbish. But from time to time, it's nice to read and then smile when something you've just read this morning happens. even though you dont really remember what it said all thru the day, so if nothing happens its really not all that dissapointing.

But this one particularly caught my eye. I once was clamed a prince on everything I touch, as far as my piercing sight would fly thru the air was mine, By the person whom I loved. it also happens that she's a Gemini as well. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what my horoscope is trying to say is that she'll call me tonight and I'll have no feelings for her? Okay, we haven’t spoken in over two years, but that does NOT at all mean that the image of her that leys in my heart has died! I still do feel for her.

I also took the second possibility into consideration, the one which I can't control sorry to say, could it be that I'm the one appearing to her? By phone or reminisce either way I'm appearing. Oh god, that’s an ugly thought!

It's a scary thought that I don't want it to ruin my day! I'll just forget about the whole thing that ever got into my inbox... hopefully!

You know something, after writing this, it's like the 1st possibility was correct!! How could I be so adolescent about this and treat it as a normal thing that only passes thru our day like any other thing??

–- I'll go propose to her before anything bad happens... wish me luck! ;)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Enjoy our fabulous summer in our beloved KSA!!

I got to get me one of those big ass water trucks in front of my room every morning! Shout out to the driver with the hose inserted into my mouth! Filler Up! <- it's the sunstroke talking again!
Damn its hot today, I can actually feel my body melting with every breath I take! And that really makes me wonder! How did our ancestors live in the older days,, was it that hot also?! So I got a phone call from my mother that i haven't seen in quite a while, "son, how are you? is everything fine with you? your food, drink, studies" the usual questions any mother would ask her left behind son...so I thought to myself to ask with agony in my shattered voice! "Mum, how did they live in this hot weather back then!"
the answer I got was the one I least expected from a loving mother to her child! "They slept all afternoon in wet clothes inside wet tents in the Sahara desert." and a giggle went off. it was an idea I was willing to put into action! I went like a fool to a nearby baker shop looking for supplies of water, when the little Indian/Bangladesh man said to me in a shouting manner! "We're closed, get out , get out"
Get out!!! Find something to throw back at the shop and break something for their indefinite hospitality! I said to my self. But then as I looked back to the door closing behind me, and the sun still shining its rays at me, just to find the shop wasn't a bakery after all, it was a bar that opened in the afternoon. "A bar?!!" I said to my self, "here in Saudi! No way!!" that's when I realized that it's all gone, it all has melt away! Yes my brain has melt away and left me brainless.
This, my dear reader is how we spend our fabulous summer in our beloved KSA!!