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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rage Within Me

Come down from the north, come down from where I was born. Bring down your demon armies, let them stomp the grounds of this capital city. Grow fear into them and rumble sands over them. For I am raged. I feel heartache and pain, i am wounded and left to bleed.

Sound the alarms of the city, spread out panic into their hearts. For this city holds so much agony for me. Winds start to howl onto buildings windows; hiding its demon army underneath the sands. Raveling everything that’s underground.

A demon general comes to me and informs that she has been found and awaits my command for see. I hold my breath and think if all this pain she had caused last night was worth her end for me? I command him to continue his howls and bawls until I have decided.
He commands his fleet to her house and blows like never before. Dogs start to bark. Dogs start to hide. Ducks with black ribbons of death roam ths skies. Yet still I have not decided what should become of her. I shall smite my stick to the earth and break the skies with lightning and sprint into her heart, and so I did.

She holds a small part of my memory inside her. They are filled with pain and unlikeness. I went through her reasons and all I could find were prints of "leo must die". More and more needed I to know. And I found that her hollowness was caused by me. And I command my generals to fail and return from where the place they'd appeared ... and leave her unharmed.

They drew back, but the battles still remains.


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