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Friday, November 18, 2005

Be careful what you wish for...(Fourth and Final Part)

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LeoMaSTiC Cry
Noura went to a far corner where trees stood tall. Her phone was glued to her ear, and her voice was uttered with concern and anxiety, she kept asking “..What’s wrong, and why are you shouting at me...” My heart pounded with thumps of an elephants rushing heart beats. I felt terrible for the poor girl, everything seemed going her way, except for that phone call, if my guess was right, I’m guessing its that same guy she talked with earlier today, everyone else that was important to her sat around that table of dinner.

I had to come closer and find out who it was. He never gave her a chance to speak; I was a few meters away I could almost see him jumping off her phone. He shouted without clemency or mercy. I felt the need to break some bones of his body. I was powerless to change anything of that day, I could only sit and watch to what could happen next.

I felt rage As he said “… if you were 12 and you did that, what would you do when you reach 20…” I looked into Noura’s eyes, they were filled with tears. I almost could remember that scolding happening before! I looked to Noura and saw her heart shatter into pieces, I felt pain cutting me in two, not only because I were powerless to help, but that raging voice that scolded Noura… it was me. Dear God… I remember exactly where I stood when I made that phone call, I remember every word she tried to explain her self with when I shut her down. I remember that mad thought of not wanting her stand beside me, nor love me any more. I remember that insane want of torturing her. That phone call haunts me still, every time I reminiscence the thought of those barbaric wants just kill me from the inside. Only now do I know how it truly felt from Noura's side.

The call from the pool house, we talked about where we’d honeymoon when we’d marry each other and I’d pronounce her as a queen of my world, and this later phone call... made her feel worthless. What hurts me even more is that I planned both phone calls seeking to revenge my self because of an outsider feeding my raging manners. That day, four years away, I deeply regret with every breath that I take in.

Noura went into her room after her heart was stabbed by those poisoned words I threw at her. She went to her empty house with a heart filled with bleeding wounds that time cant simply heal. She rushed to her room so that the maids could not see her, and closed the door behind her. I couldn’t catch up with her; I was locked outside, just listing to her hurting shouts of pain made me want to kill my self for causing such hurt to such a cherub. She cried and cried like her heart was ripped off with bars of heated steal. Though I’m invisible to the eyes, still I could not walk through doors and walls.

Her brother knocked on her door, wondering why she didn’t come for dinner. He wanted to let her know that he saved her some food. Noura didn’t want him to come inside and see her dripping with pain and tears. But Khaled was determent to come and know what’s wrong with his bigger sister. He asked her if someone died, and it was almost true, I just killed her with my words of toxin. that’s when she opened the door for her eight year old brother.

They both sat on the bed, again..., he asked her for what made her cry. Though her tears just wouldn’t stop falling and she’d burst into uncontrollable crying every time she tries to speak, she tried to draw a soothing smile on her face. Needless to say, that wasn’t an enough answer for his simple mind’s query. He asked again, “did anyone die today?” she comforted his inquiry with a simple “no” and hugged him. Khaled told her “then why cry, weren’t you who told me that if it wasn’t death, everything else can be fixed, please don’t cry, god will fix it again..” she hugged her baby brother like there were no tomorrow, and unleashed those cries she tried so hard to hide from him.

Khaled knew that his sister was in pain and there was nothing he could do to pull her out from that sadness she fell in. all what he could offer her was a comforting hug and kisses on her shoulders that hugged him with might. He understood her pain without needing a word to be said. This pain I’ve caused her was to great of pain even for Noura to stop her self from crying with her brother in her arms. I could never for give my self for such a doing.

Hours passed, Noura still had unleashed cries trying to force their way out, but I guess the comfort of watching her brother sleeping beside her while she brushed his hair with her hands soothed her pain. I just sat and watched this tragedy I throw to the one person I loved the most. More time passed by, her father passed at her door and saw the both of them, he said nothing but these emotionless words “its getting late, try to get some sleep” his words reminded me why I loved Noura in the first place and that promised to fill in those gaps she needed the most, tonight was when i failed. She kept a night light on beside her brother, and left the bed for her concerned brother to rest then went to that faint sofa. She fell asleep instantly, I could hear her heaved breathing. I went closer to her and laid beside her, I touched her hair, how could I ever have hurt such a person. I could not do anything to help her out of this pain, nor could I ever forgive my self for such.

I continued to feel her breathing hitting my chests, I looked into those sleeping eyes, and felt that heated sleeping body of hers. I moved some of her hair away from her ear and whispered a wish…

LeoMaStiCal Wish

I then hugged Noura so close to my heart, she smiled as it felt like I was pulling her pain away. I felt weak and closed my eyes to sleep. Three days later I woke up to a gentle hand touching my face, I opened my eyes and saw my mother welcoming me back from a dreadful three-day fever.


LeoMaStiCal Magic

Words Inspired by Sara, emotions triggered by Brian Mcknight's amazing music "Still" U gotta check it out! IMAGINATION Ignited by my weekly three hour drive to Riyadh, and supported by my Lovely mum.