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Monday, August 21, 2006

On My Summer Break!

outside the airplane window the clouds are thick and rippled, unbroken as acers of land. They are suffused with peach-colored, early morning sun, gilded at the edges. Across the Isle a man is taking a picture of them. Even the pilot couldn't keep still, "Folks!" he just said, "We've got quite a sunrise out there. Might want to have a look" i like it when pilots make such small comments, it lets me know they are awake.

Whenever i see a sight like these clouds, i think maybe everyone is wrong, maybe the laws of physics have changed, we should try walking on clouds like angels would. Everyone on the plain would sit for a rest over a could and point houses far far away down there. How Proud we would suddenly feel about where we live, how tender towards everything that's ours.

You know that could just be true, it would have happened, but only we came by car. My brothers and I did very much enjoy the drive. So this little piece of mind is from a book called "What we keep" by Elizabeth Berg. Its been pending on my shelve of the doing list for very long now, so i guess i owe Miss Elizabeth that much. Plus the scenery is amazing out from my room window up on the Syrian Mountains, yeah I'm In bloodan, Syria, right on the Lebanese boarder.. its fascinating and you all are invited to come visit.

Monday, August 14, 2006


“life passes most people by when they are busy making grand plans for it. throughout my lifetime i've left pieces of my heart here and there. and now, there is almost barely enough to stay alive. but i force a smile, knowing that my ambition far exceeded my talent. There are no more white horses or pretty ladies at my door." -g. jung

Its such a fascinating gift, why do we waist it to rebel on one another? Life is fair its us that chose to see it unjust. She, life, is filled with good and bad people, who knows who are we? Its not us who define if we are good or bad, its how the people perceive us. If they think we are good, well excellent, and we should be proud of being thought of that way. But if people see us being bad in a way or everything else, well we have a choice now, we could try to work hard on improving our selves, or we just ignoring that one or two thoughts on us and stick with the tens and thousands of people who believe in us being good.

Ultimately we all are good from the inside and we know we are, but here is the thing I truly believe in.. you never need to explain your self, because your friends don’t need explanations and your enemies wont believe you anyways, so why bother?

To finish up this post, life does go on, but it ends eventually. So why fight this and hurt that and hate some and dislike others.. we all are just visitors on this earth we walk on, and as we leave let us be remembered with a smile drown on the faces of those who believed in our true goodness and saw the inner qualities. And as for those who didn’t take the chance to know us better, let them draw a frown on their faces bite their lips and fingers for not taking the time to know us for who we really are. Eventually everyone will feel the empty space we leave behind. Be a good guest in this life, behave your self, be polite and urged to visit again..

Mona this my post to you, so there you go..

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


So here I am summer is almost over and I haven’t achieved anything yet. Well on the personal goals level I mean, but here’s the thing I did manage to do. I got a girl going crazy about me! Yeah super Sara.. Oh shut up will ya, I’m not full of my self, I just eat allot lately..

Anyways so here’s what I’m about to say. Life sometimes comes with a twist, just when you think life isn’t worth living for anymore, something swooping around the corner is waiting for you.. so who is Sara? People give me a chance to explain, I’m not your average loser, I’m a super loser dude.. so hang on for a sec.

Well, she’s someone that I never thought I would ever come across, the cutest person ever and the most forgiving.. she cries in a blink then gets back on her feet again as your eye blinks its second. Well that’s not babyish,, that’s kinda like a turn on. Right? Or am I jus weird.. lol I knew it..

I don’t know how long will she be in this brainless stage of loving me, but I sure do hope she never wakes up one morning look into the mirror and go “OH MY GOD!! WTF!!” ya know??!@!$#@!$

Hey I’m not all that bad, but one thing life taught me,, well the hard way it seems.. never have high expectations,, if ur up so high,, u WILL get disappointed,, but as you keepem low,, the happier you are even if you smell like tuna!

Well ,,,, life sux,, but not for now at least!!

Yeah PS, how do you like my new décor?
- Rocks, Don’t it?!!! :)